International Certified Hotel Administrator (iCHA) Alliance is a platform established especially for exchanging and sharing of experience and best practices among senior executives and managers of domestic and international hotels.  Through forums, gatherings, workshops and salons, as well as exchange meetings with visiting general managers of renowned hotels, the Alliance aims to enable members to broaden their industrial networks and learn best-in-class practices.  The organizer of the Alliance strives its best to provide elite iCHAs with opportunities to network with their industrial peers so as to improve their skills.  The Alliance’s goal is to become the most influential body for senior management of the hotel, hospitality and lodging industry.  


    Through Internet, Weixin and other mobile media, the Alliance will enable easy, effective and efficient communication and information sharing amongst members.  The Alliance believes that through such interactions, hotels managed by ICHAs and Alliance members will push service quality to a higher levels.




    The Alliance organizes forums for executive hoteliers to interactively exchange information and experience.  Domestic and international subject matter experts, academia, media, ICHAs are invited to such forums.  Participants at the forums can find out the latest trends and focuses, new management tools and technologies that provoke new thoughts and management methods.  The Alliance will surely contribute to the management sophistication of the domestic hotels led by ICHAs, and minimize the gap with international ones.  


    With the eyes on international level and by means of training, certification and continuous education, and through relations with other authoritative hotel industrial bodies within and outside of China, and by means of providing human resource planning, position assessment and custom consultancy, the Alliance will also help boutique and independent hotels to improve, including but not limited to individual and hotel-level certifications of CHA.


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